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Greetings and a Happy 2016 to all from Rain Makers,

Your time is always precious, so I want to tell you a story that will perfectly explain to you Rain Makers mission for our Second Decade:

So I went to a High School girls basketball game a few weeks back…

Towards the end, with the game well in hand, the coach put the girls in at the “end of the bench”

And the girl who was the “weakest” entered the game. She tried her hardest, and the team tried their hardest to get her a basket but they just couldn’t.

The man sitting next to me said of that young lady, “she is just the best kid.”

Big heart, works harder than every one else, cheers on all the other girls, always has a smile on her face…

And at that moment, I said to myself, “That’s the kid I want!!!”

As I sat and watched that young lady play, my thoughts were, “I hope I have the chance to work with her”!

A great kid, with a great attitude, a great work ethic…just not the superior athlete or talent…Yet!

And High School ball being what it is, coaches don’t have the time to work with the kids at the end of the bench.

Those kids usually don’t get the reps…so they don’t get the opportunity to move up.

I’ve watched enough high school (and middle school) practices to see the basic role of the kids at the “end of the bench”:

Mostly, they stand on the sideline and watch the other kids run through the plays, they are often used as “scout team” offense or defense…and, if there’s time, they get 2 or 3 times to run the actual team plays.

Now again, this is no one’s fault. This is just the way it often has to be. As a school coach, you only have so much time and, for most, the priority has to be getting your team ready for the games…

Not developing talent.

If it happens, great, but usually it doesn’t.

The kids that move up the depth chart from one year to the next usually do it on their own. Before or After practice, In the offseason, etc…

And call us crazy, call me crazy, but I believe with the right kind of dedication, Rain Makers can take a kid who’s #15 on the depth chart and move them to #5. #1!!!

And why not?

The main thing that stops a kid from becoming #1 is opportunity and investment.

One of my favorite quotes is, “It’s amazing what a player can do when a coach believes in them”!

And that’s where Rain Makers comes in!!! We believe in them!!!

We want any and all kids.

Like those who have been forced to play out of position due to height or need.

We believe in developing players with the understanding that the position they play today may not the one they play in high school, in college…

Look, we know that the Rain Makers’ focus on the individual may not jive for everybody, every family.

And people have every right to want their child on a team with other kids the deem to be at their child’s level or above.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be on a winning team, elite team, etc…

But Rain Makers’ focus, athletically speaking, is in developing players!!!

Now some may say,

“Doesn’t Rain Makers stand to lose potential players by taking this position?”


To be honest, I’m not sure what the market looks like for a traveling team whose focus is on process over team results.

There seems to be a few different demographics in the traveling team world:

1) The High Level Elite Teams: This type is usually funded by shoe companies and big wigs. They plan to play in the biggest tournaments around the country and do well.

2) Elite Teams. The best talent in an area, possibly some funding from companies, wealthy families or large team fees ($1000-$3000 per player). They’ll win your average tournament and compete well in the big tournaments.

3) Strong Regional Teams. A lot like Elite teams but often the players play multiple sports so they are limited in practice and competition time. They’ll finish in the Top 3 at your average tournament. Prices vary, $0-$1000. Fundraisers may be included.

4) “Friend” or “School” Assimilated Teams. Teams that are made up of kids from the same school or a team made up of a group of friends. Often coached by a parent or knowledgeable friend of the school’s coach.

Again these can vary in price, some are free with a parent or school covering basic cost. Talent and results also vary.

So where does Rain Makers fit?

Well theoretically, depending on who shows up, we could fall into any of those categories I guess.

With an open door policy, We’ve had some of everything…

except shoe company and big wig funding :)

But the truth is…

We want to create a “new” category: Intensive Skill Level Improvement Teams!!!

Teams with kids who are HUNGRY to improve. Whether they are Elite level players or the kid “at the end of the bench”.

The hunger of the kid is the key!

Kids who have great hearts, great attitudes, great work ethic and great passion!!!

That’s what Rain Makers is looking for in our Second Decade!!!

And these teams will be coached by knowledge and committed coaches who will match your child’s passion!!!

Look I understand it’s a busy world; Busier than it’s ever been.

Kids have less free time than ever before.

Parents have less free time than ever before.

So we’ve got to make it count!

Here’s what we’re offering…

If your kid has passion for basketball, volleyball, baseball or speed and agility training…

If you’ve noticed that they just have an “usual” desire for a sport.

(Practicing when they don’t have to, talking about it all time, watching games on TV)

Give us a try.

See what Rain Makers can do for them in their sport…

…and most importantly…

In their lives.

Happy New Year and Welcome to Rain Makers Second Decade!!!

Through Jesus Christ,

Isaac Edwards
Executive Director
Rain Makers Christian Sports Ministry

Rain Makers Christian Sports Ministry: Welcome to the Second Decade!!!